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BannerWeb provides online access to student Admissions, Financial Aid and Academic History for East Georgia College. 

Inside BannerWeb you can check Admissions/Financial Aid status, register for classes, pay tuition and fees, view grades and test scores and request transcripts.

All students who are "accepted" for admissions will be assigned a EGCID # and a PIN. This EGCID# and PIN are needed to access BannerWeb.

Your initial account information will be sent to your Student Email account. See "Student Access" for information on obtaining your Account Information.

Accessing BannerWeb

  1. Access via MyEGC:

If you login to MyEGC, you can click on the BannerWeb icon in the "External Applications" portlet. You will notice you will not be prompted for your username and password. Since you already authenticated to MyEGC it can securely log you in with prompting for your credentials.

  1. Direct URL :


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