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Accessing Your Accounts                        [MyEGSC] [BannerWeb] [Email] [GeorgiaView]

Below are instructions on obtaining account information and web URLs to access various systems on campus. Although the direct URLs are listed for the various applications, you should use the myEGSC web portal if you are eligible (i.e., you have been accepted to EGSC, you are a currently enrolled student, or you are an ECJC/EGC/EGSC Alumni.) Access to all applications/systems is available using the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature of the myEGSC web portal, which means that you will not need to enter additional usernames or passwords to access other applications/systems while logged into your myEGSC.

MyEGSC access is available to all students who have been admitted, enrolled or registered for one year from the currently enrolled semester OR if you are an alumni of Emanuel County Junior College, East Georgia College or East Georgia State College. 

If you are not a current EGSC student and you need to access your Academic History in your BannerWeb account, you can access BannerWeb directly using the URL


Access to most applications such as BannerWeb, GeorgiaView and CatMail, can be made using the myEGSC portal ( Once you log in to the myEGSC portal, you will not have to enter additional usernames or passwords to access your BannerWeb, GeorgiaView or your EGSC CatMail.

To obtain your myEGSC username, click on the "Retrieve myEGSC username" link below or copy and paste the URL listed below in your Internet browser:

Retrieve myEGSC username

( )

Initial Password:

Your initial password for your myEGSC account is the last four digits of your social security number followed by the two-digit year you were born.

Example: SSN # =  1234-56-7890   Year born = 03/08/1993   Your myEGSC password =  789093

**Please consider changing  your myEGSC password to something you will remember after you first login to your myEGSC account.


  •  Applicants (Admissions and Financial Aid)

If your unsure that you have been accepted/awarded and you do not know your account information to access BannerWeb or your campus email, you can find out your account information by going to:

Check Admissions/Financial Aid Status

( )

You will be prompted for your Date of Birth and Social Security Number.

In the top part of the data displayed, you will find your EGSCID# and EGSCID PIN. This is your BannerWeb UserID and PIN. This is also your EGSC Student ID number.

If the link listed above does not return any data, please try using this link:


( )

Also, if you have been accepted, your email address will also be display on the page.

If your information does not display contact the Admissions Office (478 289-2017). This simply means your application has not been processed OR we have incorrect data.

  • Current Students (anyone admitted, enrolled within one [1] year of current term.)

BannerWeb, as well as your other account information, has been sent to your EGSC Student Email (CatMail account). Please see "myEGSC" below for information on how to access your account information.

  • Past Students (who have not graduated)

If you have not attended within one [1] year of the current term and your CatMail account has been deactivated, go to the URL:

Select "Enter Secure Area"

  1. Click the button labled "Retrieve ID" and enter the requested information


If you are unable to obtain your account information, please contact Computer Services at 478 289-2092 during normal business hours or email for assistance. If your identity can be verified, your password will be set to something that you will know.

  • EGSC Alumni

Please see the myEGSC information below on access the myEGSC portal to access BannerWeb.


Accessing BannerWeb

  1. Direct URL:
  2. Login to myEGSC and then click the icon in the "External Applications" portlet.


EGSC CatMail / Email Account

To find your EGSC Student Email address, clik the following link:

Retrieve Email Address

( )

OR your email address is simply your myEGSC username followed by

See "myEGSC" for your initial password.

Accessing your Student mail or (CatMail)

  1. Direct URL:
  2. Login to myEGSC and then click the icon in the "External Applications" portlet.
  3. IMAP access Information (For Smart Phone or other Devices)

IMAP / POP3 Server:

**NOTE: SMTP access to the email server is restricted. Set your SMTP settings to your service providers server.

Please reivew EGSC Email Policy for important information concerning your email privilidges.

Georgia View D2L

Your GeorgiaView account is the same as your myEGSC account.

To access Georgia View D2L

  1. Direct URL:
  2. Login to myEGSC and then click the D2L icon in the External Applications portlet

Note: GeorgiaView is externally authenticated by myEGSC; due to network issues or other system failures which prevent the GeorgiaView D2L servers from communicating with EGSC systems, your myEGSC password may not work. When this happens, GeorgiaView will fall back to its internal password list, which is initially set as your "BannerWeb Pin" unless you changed your password from within GeorgiaView D2L.[Top]





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